Courses Offered

The Department offers undergraduate honours course and undergraduate generic course. The curriculum and syllabus of these courses is under CBCS with the affiliation of Vidyasagar University.

Programmes covered by the department are B.A. (Hons) in Education and B.A (Gen) with one of the subject as Education.

ProgrammesSanctioned YearIntake Capacity
B. A (General course in Education)????As per demand
B. A (Honours in Education)?????


Mode of Teaching: Class lectures, Board Work, By Slide Projection.

Other Methods: student’s feedback, group discussion, tutorial, internal assessment ( five assessment per academic session for honours students and two assessment per academic session for general (pass) students throughout the academic period are regularly taken to prepare the students for university examination.

Academic Activities: Doing group project work and publishing wall magazine.


  • Academic calendar followed.
  • Plan & Progress Register.
  • Apart from Lecture Method: Practical classes/group discussion/creative writing.
  • ICT mode teaching.
  • E-learning.
  • Co- Curricular activity for holistic development.
  • Continuous examination and evaluation.
  • Hand notes, study materials & web links.
  • Project Preparation & Seminar.


  • Offer Career-Oriented Programs
  • Develop Professional and Life Skills
  • Promote Intellectually Stimulating Environment


Subject taught:

List of Core Courses and Electives

Core Courses (CC)

CC–1: Introduction to Education

CC–2: History of Indian Education

CC–3: Psychological Foundation of Education

CC–4: Philosophical Foundation of Education

CC–5: Sociological Foundation of Education

CC–6: Educational Organization, Management and Planning

CC–7: Guidance and Counselling

CC–8: Technology in Education

CC–9: Curriculum Studies

CC–10: Inclusive Education

CC–11: Measurement and Evaluation in Education

CC–12: Statistics in Education

CC–13: Psychology of Adjustment

CC–14: Basic Concept of Educational Research

Discipline Specific Course ( DSE)

DSE-1: Peace and Value Education

Or DSE-1: Life Skill Education

Or DSE-1: Human Rights Education

Or DSE-2: Population Education

Or DSE-2: Teacher Education

Or DSE-2: Education for Sustainable Development

DSE-3: Open and Distance Learning

Or DSE-3: Contemporary issues in Education

Or DSE 3: Educational Thought of Great Educators

DSE-4: Women Education

Or DSE-4: Music and Fine arts in Education

Or DSE-4: Project Work

Skill Enhancement Course (SEC)

SEC-1: Communication Skill

Or SEC-1: Skill for Democratic Citizenship

Or SEC–1: Yoga Education

SEC-2: Computer Application in Education

Or SEC-2: Special Education

Or SEC-2: Gender and Society

Generic Electives (GE)

[Interdisciplinary for other Department]

GE-1 : Educational Psychology

Or GE-1 : Educational Sociology

Or GE-1 : History of Education in India

GE-2 : Yoga Education

Or GE-2: Current Issues in Indian Education

Or GE-2 : Psychology of Mental Health and Hygiene

GE-3 : Education of Children with Special Needs

Or GE-3: Environmental Education

GE-4: Value Based Education

Or GE-3: Introduction to Distance Education

General or Pass

List of Core and Electives

Core Course (CC)

DSC-1A(CC-1): Principles of Education

DSC-2A(CC-2): Educational Psychology

DSC-3A(CC-3): Educational Sociology

DSC-4A(CC-4): History of Education in India

Discipline Specific Electives (DSE)

DSE-1A: Great Educator

Or DSE-1A : Women Education

Or DSE-1A: Educational Technology

DSE-1B: Inclusive Education

Or DSE-1B: Guidance and Counseling

Or DSE-1B: Project work.


Skill Enhancement Course (SEC)

SEC-1: Measurement and Evaluation in Education

Or SEC-1: Value Education

SEC-2: Educational Guidance and Counseling

Or SEC-2: Computer Application in Education

SEC-3: Yoga Education

Or SEC-3: Distance Education

SEC-4: Education of Children with Special Needs

Or SEC-4: Mental Health Education

Generic Elective (GE)

[Interdisciplinary for other department]

GE-1: Mental Health and Hygiene Or GE-1: Current Issues in Indian Education

GE-2: Environmental Education Or GE-2: Introduction to Distance Education