Departmental Activities:

Seminar, Workshop and other important Event of the Department.

Department of Sanskrit time to time arrange Seminar, Workshops etc. from these other departmental activities are incorporated activities i.e.


Mentor Mentee group : Department of Sanskrit in its meeting decided that following faculties shall initiate Mentor-Mentee group in following way –

Sl. No. Class Faculties
1 B.A. Hons. 2nd Semester Prof. Sumanta Chowdhury
Prof. Krishnendu Dash
2 B.A. Hons. 4th Semester Prof. Supriya Sui
Prof. Susmita De
3 B.A. 3rd year Hons. Prof. Tathagata Das
4 P.G. 2nd Semester Dr. Bhaba Shankar Mukherjee
5 P.G. 4th Semester Dr. Gagan Chandra Dey
Prof. Nimai Santra