The department of education came into existence in the year 2005 as an elective subject of three years’ General Course. Since the beginning the subject was very popular among the students and considering the increasing demands from the students to introduce honours course, the college authority decide to introduce the same and the dream become a reality in 2011. The subject is really multidisciplinary in nature dealing with Philosophy, Psychology, History, Sociology, Statistics and Technology under same umbrella.  It is an area of significant emergence. The faculty members are always aware of this and engaged in raising the same awareness in the students.  Departmental seminars, quiz, student interaction etc. are the main features of the department which is trying to enrich itself and escalate academic activities. The number of Education Text and reference book is adequate. The students can avail different kind of books from the college library and departmental library.


 Name of the Teacher                   Educational Qualification               Designation

  • Somnath Roy                        M.A, B.Ed, M.Phil                                 Assistant Professor.
  • Nalini Kanta Maity                M.Com, B.Ed, M.Ed                             Guest Lecturer.
  • Dr. Krisna Prasad Bar            M.A, Ph.D.                                           Guest Lecturer.
  • Mouparna Sahoo                 M.A, B.Ed.                                            Guest Lecturer.
  • Prasenjit Jana                       M.A, M.Phil                                          Guest Lecturer.


Education Department is located in the Library Building of the college on the fourth floor. The Department has four separate class room. It has a one room which is used for official works.


There is a central library in the college. The library has a fairly large stock of educational books which cater to the needs of the students intellectual yearning. The department has its own library with some books and plans to make some more books which help in teaching learning process.

Department of Education also provided e-link for class notes from college website.


One of the important missions of the Department is to make the students real men of the country enrich them with an intellectual and logical ability for higher knowledge and endure them with inquisitiveness for higher study and value sense and enrich them sound knowledge of teaching and learning. In the changing scenario of globalization, the department has a positive role in teaching the student to enrich them with further studies and encourage them to participate in different academic competition. It is striving to develop the students’ virtuous knowledge, duty in life and coordinating and integrating individual and social aim.