About the Department:

This college was established in 1970.  The History department was stated in the same year. From the very beginning, students are so much interested in this subject that almost half of the pass course students have been taking this subject. When honours course was introduced, many students could not take this subject as the interested number of students was greater in number than the quota of seats allotted by the affiliating university. We offered H. S. Course along with Pass and Honours Courses. When government withdrew H. S. Course from the college education system, we continued to teach Pass and Honours Courses. The number of seats for Honours is doubled now. From the very beginning we have only two full-time teacher and two part-time teachers. One post is sanctioned for S. T. candidate. But, we could not get any full-time teacher as S. T. candidates are very rare. We are burdened with the syllabus due to lack of sufficient teachers in this department.         

Mission and Vision of the Department

Our motto is to make the students aware of the rich heritage of India. We teach how the evolution of civilization that indoctrinates us with the ideal of Vasudhaiba kutumbakam and tolerance towards other faiths and opinions took place. We also teach how the civilizations of other parts of the world have evolved. Importance is given on how the society, economy, religion, language, administration and culture have been transformed with the progress of time and influenced by various traditions of other civilizations. With the knowledge of our rich traditions, the students will learn how to accommodate with the diversity of culture and to transform the world in a way so that all the human beings may coexist in harmony. We help our students in a way so that they can be employed in different jobs including teaching and research works to help others to enrich their knowledge and living.

Teaching Method

We generally follow lecture method. We also inspire students to ask questions to make them inquisitive. We guide our students how to write papers on specific topics, to explain sources and to improve the quality of their answers in readable and knowledgeable way.

Method of Evaluation

We inspire the students to critically analysis the theme we teach them. This process helps us to evaluate their level of understanding the theme. We take tests in the class and show them how to improve their writing.

Opportunity before the students of History Discipline

To the students of history there are many avenues open for getting jobs like teaching in schools, colleges and universities. They may sit for Public Service Commission Examinations.


Challenges before our history department

The major problem is that increase of employment opportunities are lagging much behind the increase in number of passed candidates. Besides, in our department number of faculties is very insufficient. This is main reason why we cannot open Master degree course and research department despite increasing demand for them.

Future plan of the Department

  1. Advanced use of sophisticated ICT technology in teaching & learning process.
  2. Making the teaching-learning course of action more interactive by organizing departmental seminar frequently.

To create website through which we can impart lessons both to our students and to other interested people