About the Department:

Political Science Department was established in the year 1980. At that time only pass-course was offered as a part of academic curriculum. Honours Course was introduced in the year 1996. At present two full-time Assistant Professors and three State Aided College Teachers are engaged in teaching and Co-curricular activities of the Department. Our Department is one of the largest departments of this college. From the time of inception the academic result of the Department has been consistently good.

Goals of the Department

 The sole aim of the department is to prepare the students of this department so that they can have a better understanding of the present political set up in our home state as well as in India. The motto is to prepare them as the future citizens, who will have a better understanding of the political issues and will not detach morality from politics to have a better grasp of ever changing socio-political realities, through the dissemination of knowledge. Working on the objective of imparting holistic knowledge of present political scenario to the students, the department is ever effortful in making possible the cultivation of interest in higher studies and academic research.

Scope of further studies

The knowledge of Political Science is indispensable for today’s world. Every year 20-30 per cent of graduate students from this department go for higher studies, for pursuing their Master degrees in various Universities.

Departmental Excellency

Teaching Method

Teaching method includes classroom teaching, individual and group interactions with the teachers outside the class room, lecture exhibition and students’ seminar. In the wake of the recent Pandemic (COVID-19) we recently have developed e-platform like Google classroom for imparting knowledge and student-teacher online interactions. Platforms like Zoom Video Conference and Google Meet have vividly been explored for conducting e-classes. The students’ response was very encouraging.

Method of Evaluation

As per the guidance provided by the University, the department follows the continuous system for evaluation of the students through internal examinations and University Examination.

Participation in extra-curricular activities

The Department, from the very beginning has always inspired the students, not only of this department, but from all the departments of the Mahavidyalaya to participate in debate competitions, YPC, essay writing competitions, etc.

Importance of the Subject

It is a well known fact that we live in a political world and no one is above its impact. So, in case of academic study and competitive exams also, the knowledge of political science and global politics, in a word is indispensable.

Our Roles

The Department along with impairment of knowledge is keen on preparing future generations of citizens and leaders who will show their ability to keep intact the democratic values as espoused by our great Constitution. They will surely acquire the potentiality to understand the nuances of better policy making and keeping intact the nuts and bolts of a democratic political system.