The academic committee provides a platform for its members to review and thus make suggestions for policies on school curriculum development. The followings are the duties of the academic committee in order to enhance the efficiency of learning and teaching. Members of the committee give their suggestions and directions for the smooth running of the college in academic aspect;
  1. To review, advise on and develop policies on curriculum development, medium of instruction, assessment for learning, teaching and learning quality
  2. To review and formulate policies to enhance students’ learning motivation
  3. To prepare and review Academics Calendar and Class Routine for the college
  4. To decide the subjects offered and the number of lessons for each form
  5. To review and formulate policies to cater for student diversity
  6. To monitor and following up students’ learning outcomes
  7. To introduce and promoting different teaching methods
  8. To review and update the College Prospectus
  9. To set up academic reward systems
  10. To promote academic activities and creating an atmosphere of learning
  11. To review the students and faculty development programs;
  12. To promote research and extension activities in the college campus
  13. To visualize and formulate perspective plans for the development and growth of the college
  14. To record students personal data and other learning experience records systematically to help students pursue further studies or develop their career
  15. To enhance teachers’ development through holding different professional development activities and institutional orientations
  16. To Keep monitoring on the attendance of teachers and regularity in taking the classes
  17. To enhance the teaching efficiency through perfecting the appraisal system
  18. To review student’s attendance/malpractices in examinations
  19. To plan for sustaining the quality of education, quality improvement and accreditation of the college
  20. To take disciplinary action to the students for violation and disobedience to the college rule
  21. Oversee the internal examinations/evaluation/recording;
Financial sub-committee constituted by the Statutory provision and its policies are fixed in its meetings. Though there are specific guideline for the financial management by the University Statute (Vidyasagar University) and various regulation of the Government of West Bengal (e.g. West Bengal Govt. Notification No. 10500-F dated 19th November, 2004, No. 5400-F(Y), Dated: 25.06.2012.). Specific Policy on major heads already taken into consideration:
  1. New purchase:
    • There is a Budgetary provision for fund allocation regarding new purchase as per students' strength and demand of the department corresponding to the development of the academic as well as physical infrastructure. Like -
      • To providing infrastructural facilities and support system to the students and office staff.
      • To upgradation of office managements
      • To upgradation of and digitization of the library infrastructure and resources
      • To development of the e-Learning facilities, infrastructure and Learning management System (LMS).
      • To development of ICT based classrooms
      • To develop Language Laboratory for soft skill development among the students
      • To development of fully automatic E-Governance System
      • To development of cashless transaction and maintenance of accounts through software -Tally. etc
  2. Annual Maintenance Cost:
    1. College followed Annual maintenance Policy for new purchased of sophisticated and sensitive items specially electronics instruments.
    2. Maintenance and repair are followed on the basis of individual and departmental report and requisition.
  3. Repair and Renovations:
    1. Budget for maintenance, repair and renovation were framed.