The journey of Sabang Sajanikanta Mahavidyalaya started fifty two years back in 1970. After so many years of its coming into existence, the college is now equipped with well-maintained classrooms, laboratories, smart classrooms, library reading rooms, conference rooms, ICT enabled classes and computing equipment to adopt the modern education system. Now Sabang Sajanikanta Mahavidyalaya is well-known about its vast and huge infrastructural facilities.

Physical Facilities & Infrastructure – View at a glance

The different size classrooms are quite adequate to accommodate the students as per the requirements of
classes. All rooms are specious and airy to provide healthy and hygienic study conditions to the students. Each classroom provided with requisite number of white and green board. The college administration is always in the process of enhancing its physical infrastructure to meet the growing needs.

  • Classrooms and laboratories – View at a Glance

The institution has Sixty five (65) classrooms with electricity facilities, a good number of benches for students, good quality large blackboards and other necessary materials to impart knowledge to students. In front of each department, there is a notice board where students display their creative writings, attractive paintings which bring forth the hidden talents of the students.

There are eighteen (18) well equipped science laboratories for Physics (04 labs), Chemistry (03 labs), Zoology (02 laboratories), Human Physiology (02 labs) and Botany (05 laboratories) which are catering to the needs of the students. Moreover, there are nine charts related to zoology, eight microscopes, multiple cylinders for laboratory works, museum specimen samples, balance machine, etc. which are helpful for students. To get on with modern technology all the departments of science, arts, and commerce have computer facilities along with internet connections. The computer department has a quiet number of computers in computer laboratory where students in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Commerce go to the laboratory to do practical classes. Thus all these facilities are provided to the students keeping pace with modern technology.

With modern  facilities like ICT in combination with audio-visual facilities the faculty has started exploring the use of technology in teaching, which has resulted in implementing the blended learning process for students in the class rooms. Computer assisted learning and digital materials are made available to the students to supplement classroom teaching. We designed our website in such a manner that handouts, class notes, used ppts along with some audio-visual lectures made available in the repository of the archive the interested students can use apart from the class room teaching in extreme condition. Seven class rooms recently modified into ICT based on the Interactive Board. Most of these are PG (Six) and one in the Botany class Room. Another fifteen LCD Projectors were installed in the different UG classrooms in the campus. Beside this there is a virtual class room which is also well equipped with ICT and Interactive Projector. We are trying to connect all the ICT based class rooms into a single live and dynamic domain for easy access of all information.

Virtual class room (VCR), is a class that has the students and teachers linked together on a network using the Internet or intranet etc, while physically being miles apart, interacting and studying in real time. This class room is alienable with high speed internet and Statics IP Camera that can be used for the video conferencing with other such system specially with the remote one. In this class room live video streaming may possible that can be watched and interacted on demand. Recently in this classroom an interactive digital flat panel has been installed having most advance technology based interactive board for multipurpose use.

      • Language laboratory – View at a Glance

A language laboratory is a dedicated space for foreign language learning where students access audio or audio-visual materials. They allow a teacher to listen to and manage student audio, which is delivered to individual students through headsets. in this Laboratory or special room with sound-recording and – reproducing equipment for use by students to practice speaking foreign languages, usually with an instructor monitoring the program.

The Language Laboratories are becoming items better and better valued within educational institutions since the functions and possibilities they offer are much higher than the ones in the traditional teaching-learning system.

Moreover it is necessary to distinguish between language laboratory, language method and control software. A method in a procedural that guides teachers when, in turn, control software is a computer program that is used to control students’ computers and to know what they are doing at all times. Instead, a language lab goes beyond, a language lab can integrate the method we want to use allowing further development of a large number of different activities in the classroom, the communication between teachers and students, using multimedia material, etc. taking into account at the same time the functions of control software. Several Soft -Skills, Quizzers and other than language Proficiency developed through this laboratory.

  • Learning Resources
    The college is now equipped with well-maintained classrooms, laboratories, smart classrooms, library reading
    rooms, conference Hall, Committee Room/Meeting Room,  ICT enabled classes and computing equipment to adopt the modern education system. The percentage of classrooms, seminar halls, virtual classrooms and smart classrooms with ICT enabled facilities is 54.72%.
  • Students Support System/Facilities:
    • Central Library – View at a Glance

The Central Library of the Mahavidyalaya consists of an adequately rich collection of 30603 books and journals. The books are properly maintained in different bookshelves according to the DDC method. The Mahavidyalaya has a digital library, the name of ILMS software used in the library is KOHA (version-19.0.5). The library has subscription of INFLIBNET. The central Library is equipped with plenty of books/e-books and some selective journals/e- journals.

The college has developed one smarts  virtual classroom equipped with 86 inch Digital Interactive flat panel with inbuild CPU and an ICT enabled seminar hall for conducting classes for the students. Seminars and various workshops are also conducted in the conference hall with an LCD projector and screen. The student-computer ratio in the current academic session is 21:1 which will likely to be enhanced to 15:1 in this academic session. The bandwidth of internet connection in the Mahavidyalaya is above 120 MBPS and most of the computers are in the LAN. All class rooms and six different selective assembly areas facilited with the Free WiFi connectivity.

Vidyasagar Auditorium Hall of the Sabang Sajanikanta Mahavidyalaya is recently build and renovated with its State of Art facilities along with  all essential requirements. This is a a moderate hall built to enable an audience of 200 seating capacity to hear and watch performances. This hall is oriented with the the acoustic treatment with high quality (HD) sounds and background multimedia projection facility.

    • Conference Hall – View at a Glance


    • Museum – View at a Glance

Institution dedicated to preserving and interpreting the primary tangible evidence of humankind and the environment. In its preserving of this primary evidence, the museum differs markedly from the library, with which it has often been compared, for the items housed in a museum are mainly unique and constitute the raw material of study and research. In many cases they are removed in time, place, and circumstance from their original context, and they communicate directly to the viewer in a way not possible through other media. However, in this museum we intended to keep all the Local Handicrafts, several unique and antiques pieces from different collection from personal interests along with several lineages and decedents of heritage running since thousands of years in our localities.

    • Play Ground – View at a Glance


    • Swimming Pool
  • Central Computer laboratory – View at a Glance

There is a well-equipped and well decorated computer laboratory with internet facilities. Department of Mathematics, Commerce, Economics, Physics, Chemistry use it as a departmental laboratory by sharing as well as all students can use it as required.

  • WiFi Enabled Campus– View at a Glance
    Institution now have a dedicated lease Broadband Line with the connectivity range upto 120 Mbps. There are several points of the vast college premises were covered by he LAN and WiFi router points that covers Offices, Controller section, Central Library, all the PG Departments, and old buildings etc. The college provides IP enabled /Free WiFi accessibility within the premises. Recently we provided internet to the ICT enabled class Rooms and Virtual Class Room of the college.