With modern  facilities like ICT in combination with audio-visual facilities the faculty has started exploring the use of technology in teaching, which has resulted in implementing the blended learning process for students in the class rooms. Computer assisted learning and digital materials are made available to the students to supplement
classroom teaching. We designed our website in such a manner that handouts, class notes, used ppts along with some audio-visual lectures made available in the repository of the archive the interested students can use apart from the class room teaching in extreme condition. Seven class rooms recently modified into ICT based on the Interactive Board. Most of these are PG (Six) and one in the Botany class Room. Another fifteen LCD Projectors were installed in the different UG classrooms in the campus. Beside this there is a virtual class room which is also well equipped with ICT and Interactive Projector. We are trying to connect all the ICT based class rooms into a single live and dynamic domain for easy access of all information.

Fig. basic infrastructure of a ICT enabled Class Room

Fic. Dedicated PC in each Class room for instant use.