Institutional Best Practices

Academic Year: 2022-23

  1. Planning for opening of new courses including vocational and integrated B.Ed. (i.e. BA-B.Ed., B.Sc-B.Ed) for as per demand of the students.
  2. Planning for Installation of overhead water tank and piped tap water throughout the campus.
  3. Planning for installation of ATM within the college Campus.
  4. Planning for new separate Boy’s Hostel for the PG Students.

Academic Year: 2021-22

  1. Different steps for the quality initiatives of Academic and administrative concern through e-governance at the institution level.
  2. Reform and upgradation of Library to equipped with modern facilities facilitate up to the student’s fingertips.
  3. Research Centre integration with the Central instrumentation lab.
  4. Installation of Ground Water Recharge System within the campus.
  5. Opening of Display Gallery cum Museum on the local handicrafts and products.
  6. Establishment of Language Laboratory for Soft-Skill Development.
  7. Reordering and upgradation of the Waste-Water Effluents of the Laboratory through updated tertiary treatment system.
  8. Renovation of the embankment with RCC of the College Pond and its beatification.
  9. Completion and Commissioning of Two Elevators in Library Building and New Administrative Building.
  10. Establishment of new Conference Hall with full of modern gazettes along with ICT enables system.
  11. Regularized Students’ Meets along with along with the teachers and administration for better understanding.
  12. Installation of High Must LED Light within the campus

Academic Year: 2020-21

  1. Endorsement of Online appraisal and attendance system for all staff.
  2. Different steps for the quality initiatives of Academic and administrative concern through e-governance.
  3. Regularize and upgrade the e-Governance system at the institution level.
  4. Redistribution of the Office management and scattering of the section into the new office building.
  5. Endorsement of the online financial transaction.
  6. Beatification of the College Campus with plantation.
  7. Establishment of Guest House & Professors Hostel within the campus.

Academic Year: 2019-20

  1. e-Resource Repository and Real-Time e-Class Room Program.
  2. Endorsement of Online Feedback Systems.
  3. Renovation of the Vidyasagar Auditorium Hall, Swarupananda Boy’s Hostel and Nivedita Girl’s Hostel.
  4. Establishment of dedicated Controller Section of the Mahavidyalaya.
  5. Installation of A/V system and/or PAS in the larger Classroom.
  6. Installation of ICT enabled Interactive Classroom facilities in some classrooms.
  7. Upgradation of cabled LT Power supply within the entire campus.

Academic Year: 2018-19

  1. Differently-abled friendly college campus i.e. hurdle-free college campus.
  2. Mentor-Mentee programme.
  3. Segregation of the departments facilitating with the departmental office adjacent to the classrooms.
  4. Meetup minimum requirements of the Classrooms those are essential for the smooth teaching & learning.

Academic Year: 2017-18

  1. Getting Familiarized with the Political Culture of Democracy through the Participation in Youth Parliament Competition.
  2. Installation of On-Grid Solar Power System.

Academic Year: 2016-17

  1. Regular participation of the students in the Youth Parliament Competition at the Division level, District level and State level.
  2. Arrangement of remedial and tutorial classes.

Academic Year: 2015-16


Academic Year: 2014-15

  1. Field excursion
  2. Blood donation camps organize by NSS unit of the college

Academic Year: 2013-14