1. Go to Online Class Room –

  1. Open Google Classroom then entered your Class Code to JOIN in the specific Google Classroom
  2. Click on the provided link (Right side of the table) of the Google Meet (Real Time Online Class Room) and ask to join
    1. Just click on the provided link and join in the specific Class through Google Meet as per code/key provided (it is free with your gmail account)

3. Download Google Class-Room APK file for Android Phone

3. Know about e-Learning and Online Classes

What is e-Learning?

Understanding e-Learning is simple. e-Learning is learning utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. There are many terms used to describe learning that is delivered online, via the internet, ranging from Distance Education, to computerized electronic learning, online learning, internet learning and many others. We define e-Learning as courses that are specifically delivered via the internet to somewhere other than the classroom where the professor is teaching. It is not a course delivered via a DVD or CD-ROM, video tape or over a television channel. It is interactive in that you can also communicate with your teachers, professors or other students in your class. Sometimes it is delivered live, where you can “electronically” raise your hand and interact in real time and sometimes it is a lecture that has been prerecorded. There is always a teacher or professor interacting /communicating with you and grading your participation, your assignments and your tests. e-Learning has been proven to be a successful method of training and education is becoming a way of successful teaching and learning process. This is obviously implemented through a specified software called LMS (Learning management system Software).

Why LMS is important?

LMS revolutionizes the learning process and the way in which it is delivered. It provides the best possible support in the process of training, learning, and knowledge sharing. Here are some of the key reasons to consider LMS:

• Performance monitoring
• Assessment of learning efficiency
• Control overtraining/learning process
• Time and cost-friendly

An LMS can help:

    • Centralize and automate learning administration
    • Consolidate training initiatives through employee self-guided services
    • Customize learning content and enable knowledge reuse
    • Document and report learning activities

How does LMS work?

An LMS makes learning adaptable by delivering study material, which can be accessed through a computer, tablet, or smartphone. An LMS works in a similar way to a ‘gated’ website where users need to login through their credentials to get access to the content and other useful resources. The instructors are also required to login to upload and update the content, assign tasks to the students, receive completed work, answer queries and so on.

What is the purpose of LMS?

The main purpose of an LMS is to enhance the learning process. It not only does the job of delivering the learning material but it is also capable of handling course administration, skill gap analysis, performance tracking, and reporting. They are used in many educational organizations and other industries to boost classroom learning, learning methodology, and company records.

Mobile learning

Mobile access to learning can take the form of a mobile-ready LMS, a custom mobile app developed by the Google, or a website with mobile-friendly features. Whatever form it takes, mobile learning gives employees access to training even when they’re not at their desks.

Here are some of the key reasons to need LMS
• Centralized content
• Ease of access to the content
• Easy tracking of the learning process and assess users’ development
• Cost reduction in education and training
• Availability across different devices
• Reduction in the duration of learning/training

Table – 1A: Choose your UG / PG Class Code (Click to see details in pdf) 


Sl No. Subject Sec. SEM/Year Google  Class Code Real-time  Online-Classes
1. Bengali UG 1st Year cca2nv3 https://meet.google.com/hcv-ayiz-wrw
2. Bengali UG 2nd Year mel2w4s https://meet.google.com/kpu-rvvs-nvz
3. Bengali UG 3rd Year tzgm2bu https://meet.google.com/itb-xqew-czr
4. Bengali PG 1st Year ndfxbtt https://meet.google.com/ueh-obey-mwm
5. Bengali PG 2nd Year ajas2eh https://meet.google.com/nvu-rvsi-mca
6. Botany UG 1st Year kj4m225 https://meet.google.com/ems-vckk-bka
7. Botany UG 2nd Year 5oshn6m https://meet.google.com/abb-zmmx-xsx
8. Botany UG 3rd Year u4efgpo https://meet.google.com/wye-zwps-axq
9. Botany PG 1st Year y74nsrd https://meet.google.com/qqa-nofz-dpo
10. Botany PG 2nd Year 6fsmr32 https://meet.google.com/cqa-rcbi-jdn
11. English UG 1st Year z76drub https://meet.google.com/qna-xjvx-rfj
12. English UG 2nd Year pbpfbxz https://meet.google.com/pmw-odtf-ini
13. English UG 3rd Year 7rtvwwm https://meet.google.com/rsq-tikd-uwt
14. English PG 1st Year mzzahqj https://meet.google.com/ium-kusr-iee
15. English PG 2nd Year q6u6tv2 https://meet.google.com/qdo-tjqc-sbz
16. Chemistry UG 1st Year 35o37u7 https://meet.google.com/mty-fgzt-wvy
17. Chemistry UG 2nd Year q2voqrk https://meet.google.com/pue-udxd-gsy
18. Chemistry UG 3rd Year am4nriz https://meet.google.com/tpq-ypiw-rvj
19. Chemistry PG 1st Year hhcwmjo https://meet.google.com/gfj-fggv-ych
20. Chemistry PG 2nd Year atwgbwb https://meet.google.com/xcz-fvmw-noe
21. Physics UG 1st Year uide6gp https://meet.google.com/mwt-orxr-tib
22. Physics UG 2nd Year 3kjfboy https://meet.google.com/fxs-rjqg-djq
23. Physics UG 3rd Year hpfog5z https://meet.google.com/fkf-hrgm-tnr
24. Physics PG 1st Year daigmgl https://meet.google.com/uca-dicv-ctt
25. Physics PG 2nd Year d4dzojx https://meet.google.com/ntn-ktba-euk
26. Sanskrit UG 1st Year 6ckqr2y https://meet.google.com/cbd-afjo-uvo
27. Sanskrit UG 2nd Year ux7hopf https://meet.google.com/rqd-axbr-amr
28. Sanskrit UG 3rd Year 7sctktv https://meet.google.com/hcv-ifbu-jgk
29. Sanskrit PG 1st Year czzu6u4 https://meet.google.com/owy-ugmh-vvc
30. Sanskrit PG 2nd Year mbdzl7m https://meet.google.com/omw-rtmy-mgx
31. History UG 1st Year iua6rl2 https://meet.google.com/kvu-cpxr-nfq
32. History UG 2nd Year 7xyv4iw https://meet.google.com/qfy-bksj-qqm
33. History UG 3rd Year yvbrnrh https://meet.google.com/juz-rkdr-nbc
34. Geography UG 1st Year jddlgq5 https://meet.google.com/emu-pazd-pki
35. Geography UG 2nd Year cev6nyj https://meet.google.com/pvi-nqbs-roc
36. Geography UG 3rd Year vlqjoyh https://meet.google.com/ypy-zcbg-ewy
37. Physiology UG 1st Year 4ap3did https://meet.google.com/nmf-rfrt-hwh
38. Physiology UG 2nd Year pdkxvcm https://meet.google.com/ssi-sfze-ssp
39. Physiology UG 3rd Year nwj73zj https://meet.google.com/yat-supb-ren
40. Mathematics UG 1st Year uskcdwa https://meet.google.com/vkz-hchx-ugu
41. Mathematics UG 2nd Year i6sabyg https://meet.google.com/mvk-zedb-uif
42. Mathematics UG 3rd Year b34a4dt https://meet.google.com/thx-dsxv-bwn
43. Zoology UG 1st Year jj2nobp https://meet.google.com/zpy-utvo-qcx
44. Zoology UG 2nd Year fxv2loi https://meet.google.com/cgw-jstj-moe
45. Zoology UG 3rd Year e2gogho https://meet.google.com/rqp-bdxb-oge
46. Political Science UG 1st Year ldqs7xq https://meet.google.com/uei-kntb-bwx
47. Political Science UG 2nd Year 43kw6z3 https://meet.google.com/feh-pazv-coh
48. Political Science UG 3rd Year rm5kdkw https://meet.google.com/mbe-muyp-mid
49. Philosophy UG 1st Year wuvmwb4 https://meet.google.com/bdw-bpjz-jha
50. Philosophy UG 2nd Year eb4xo5t https://meet.google.com/oow-zzqd-yxs
51. Philosophy UG 3rd Year tlmgien https://meet.google.com/vjo-qsue-ncr
52. Education UG 1st Year u3a5mvr https://meet.google.com/pzy-dbap-bro
53. Education UG 2nd Year f454zgi https://meet.google.com/zao-gbij-isb
54. Education UG 3rd Year crkwyas https://meet.google.com/ing-gtrp-tpg
55. Santali UG 1st Year aukypic https://meet.google.com/viv-bzhe-bqv
56. Santali UG 2nd Year ypk57is https://meet.google.com/kyw-znkh-mob
57. Santali UG 3rd Year 4rvettz https://meet.google.com/dig-jpme-mzw
58. Physical Education UG 1st Year yswxnee https://meet.google.com/knt-mwqj-rga
59. Physical Education UG 2nd Year nhzhagb https://meet.google.com/atm-eagk-kgm
60. Physical Education UG 3rd Year i4f6r4o https://meet.google.com/gix-kena-eqf
61. Economics UG 1st Year cmmx54c https://meet.google.com/uyj-sbsf-umj
62. Economics UG 2nd Year pq6few4 https://meet.google.com/wyq-nets-tdi
63. Economics UG 3rd Year 7qv5qkm https://meet.google.com/qbh-wicp-rhu
64. Commerce UG 1st Year efdgotz https://meet.google.com/nct-jqmq-tfc
65. Commerce UG 2nd Year iu3ksr6 https://meet.google.com/zrx-tnif-kvc
66. Commerce UG 3rd Year b72aci4 https://meet.google.com/brh-agrn-num
67. Computer Science UG 1st Year nj6dlio https://meet.google.com/rfo-xxgb-myn
68. Computer Science UG 2nd Year xiipl7l https://meet.google.com/bxq-yyqt-xsf
69. Computer Science UG 3rd Year 6ibnt46 https://meet.google.com/hni-tarm-iuz
70. Library & Information Sc UG 1st Year lzmdgyz https://meet.google.com/mny-dmuy-ydw
71. Library & Information Sc UG 2nd Year uiv6umy https://meet.google.com/yaw-bfsr-paw
72. Library & Information Sc UG 3rd Year q5b3d37 https://meet.google.com/oem-emke-mmm
73. Arts Pass (General) UG 1st Year koki6xh https://meet.google.com/huq-wnfn-eud
74. Arts Pass (General) UG 2nd Year j23x4xw https://meet.google.com/rww-sutm-mfz
75. Arts Pass (General) UG 3rd Year wknitlf https://meet.google.com/ndq-aixq-dhp
76. Science Pass (General) UG 1st Year ycgy32d https://meet.google.com/fnp-eqyr-oqr
77. Science Pass (General) UG 2nd Year fyxzi3y https://meet.google.com/xhb-zhea-amg
78. Science Pass (General) UG 3rd Year 7cezs3x https://meet.google.com/wqo-eeui-vxw
79. Environmental Studies UG 1st Year mzjpj2u https://meet.google.com/ftt-kpft-imw
80. Environmental Studies UG 2nd Year gsxcyfy https://meet.google.com/vac-ypkw-ujv
81. Environmental Studies UG 3rd Year qtviqtc https://meet.google.com/moe-jzuc-tjr
82. Bengali (GENERAL) UG 1st Year n4qkf4a https://meet.google.com/etk-uzzg-pzh
83. English (GENERAL) UG 2nd Year ayxikpk https://meet.google.com/snd-okee-mcg
84. Career Counselling UG ONE Yr j2lrv3e https://meet.google.com/qbw-qyab-azk
85. Soft-Skill Development UG ONE Yr aef4f4r https://meet.google.com/yyh-rupr-tus
* Please  read as : (1st SEM / 2nd SEM) = 1st Yr; (3rd SEM / 4th SEM) = 2nd Yr; (5th SEM / 6th SEM) = 3rd Yr;

Table -2A: Choose your GE & DSC Class Code (Click to see details in pdf) 


Sl No. Subject SEM/Year Sec. Google Class Code Real-time Online-Classrooms
1. Bengali 1st Year (UG) GE 62llmzu https://meet.google.com/mza-anzg-wff
2. Bengali 1st Year (UG) DSC bp5vpv4 https://meet.google.com/zds-rxjv-ots
3. Bengali 2nd Year (UG) GE qgjwwrn https://meet.google.com/xpk-abhz-mrq
4. Bengali 2nd Year (UG) DSC vqlhoak https://meet.google.com/knz-hezk-rfa
5. Botany 1st Year (UG) GE xwgrwtx https://meet.google.com/stt-vcnt-pvk
6. Botany 1st Year (UG) DSC r2xqien https://meet.google.com/pyh-kpis-pcj
7. Botany 2nd Year (UG) GE mniaadj https://meet.google.com/thw-ifuc-vje
8. Botany 2nd Year (UG) DSC lu4go4z https://meet.google.com/keg-dkjb-zms
9. Chemistry 1st Year (UG) GE ctarvmt https://meet.google.com/aqz-arwj-vcf
10. Chemistry 1st Year (UG) DSC sshlqos https://meet.google.com/thj-urbw-qaf
11. Chemistry 2nd Year (UG) GE iurqwmj https://meet.google.com/qiv-zrwu-ayb
12. Chemistry 2nd Year (UG) DSC t4egaao https://meet.google.com/yka-jkma-nks
13. Commerce 1st Year (UG) GE 3imv5nq https://meet.google.com/qxe-cybc-psq
14. Commerce 1st Year (UG) DSC rskbsf3 https://meet.google.com/kyn-fpwo-rcg
15. Commerce 2nd Year (UG) GE 36ldoah https://meet.google.com/ygh-bkqo-yck
16. Commerce 2nd Year (UG) DSC zmjq5qz https://meet.google.com/kdd-kdvj-gvy
17. Computer Sc. 1st Year (UG) GE m4o6os3 https://meet.google.com/cwk-ayez-uiv
18. Computer Sc. 1st Year (UG) DSC 7dj5nnl https://meet.google.com/ftm-trht-npm
19. Computer Sc. 2nd Year (UG) GE 3b3buq2 https://meet.google.com/nou-mddg-zqf
20. Computer Sc. 2nd Year (UG) DSC fi5vi7t https://meet.google.com/rui-rdwv-usm
21. English 1st Year (UG) GE j7divoe https://meet.google.com/jza-wwzf-rpu
22. English 1st Year (UG) DSC nplsa3i https://meet.google.com/euq-mfoi-ahy
23. English 2nd Year (UG) GE dvs2nn3 https://meet.google.com/rfb-maio-akn
24. English 2nd Year (UG) DSC wkimqni https://meet.google.com/ehq-eopa-evr
25. Economics 1st Year (UG) GE cbglhzu https://meet.google.com/kwx-xsti-uyv
26. Economics 1st Year (UG) DSC mz5jatn https://meet.google.com/tqp-gwib-dbt
27. Economics 2nd Year (UG) GE zh7k7wp https://meet.google.com/nzp-sfca-upm
28. Economics 2nd Year (UG) DSC hk5h6hj https://meet.google.com/uhe-wuie-xdm
29. Education 1st Year (UG) GE wxacyyc https://meet.google.com/oij-khqx-osu
30. Education 1st Year (UG) DSC njslh66 https://meet.google.com/yea-kwca-aog
31. Education 2nd Year (UG) GE q73kvgd https://meet.google.com/pbt-nkad-xao
32. Education 2nd Year (UG) DSC pb27apa https://meet.google.com/vuk-tkxe-wgo
33. Geography 1st Year (UG) GE ruvtjzi https://meet.google.com/qdi-iaic-age
34. Geography 1st Year (UG) DSC 6s2pqcq https://meet.google.com/mup-pfou-fdt
35. Geography 2nd Year (UG) GE dy2xlsu https://meet.google.com/kmc-khsk-gtj
36. Geography 2nd Year (UG) DSC 37duqvu https://meet.google.com/fzq-qgid-bkw
37. History 1st Year (UG) GE 3py4lha https://meet.google.com/gtc-xphj-npu
38. History 1st Year (UG) DSC tl5k4hp https://meet.google.com/yiz-iixs-nii
39. History 2nd Year (UG) GE bklpzvh https://meet.google.com/fhr-ckfn-nrk
40. History 2nd Year (UG) DSC 4keblgp https://meet.google.com/tud-pfph-bkz
41. Library & Info. Std. 1st Year (UG) GE x5755u6 https://meet.google.com/fyx-rfgk-eme
42. Library & Info. Std. 1st Year (UG) DSC vpd3v2t https://meet.google.com/ues-gniy-czi
43. Library & Info Std. 2nd Year (UG) GE gg5s64h https://meet.google.com/sqn-kjnm-pnm
44. Library & Info. Std. 2nd Year (UG) DSC s3fjtqw https://meet.google.com/udz-ntjp-ydr
45. Mathematics 1st Year (UG) GE s6plzx4 https://meet.google.com/cks-bttq-fjt
46. Mathematics 1st Year (UG) DSC mgdmgpv https://meet.google.com/ctk-ybrq-hhc
47. Mathematics 2nd Year (UG) GE hl2yjqx https://meet.google.com/bhj-gios-vfg
48. Mathematics 2nd Year (UG) DSC 2s7wsla https://meet.google.com/kkc-xwso-hft
49. Philosophy 1st Year (UG) GE hpewuon https://meet.google.com/qfe-gdna-ywu
50. Philosophy 1st Year (UG) DSC fru4glr https://meet.google.com/vgp-ftha-eev
51. Philosophy 2nd Year (UG) GE wx5tdri https://meet.google.com/ikq-afik-tkv
52. Philosophy 2nd Year (UG) DSC 3bphgmb https://meet.google.com/nax-xmwv-czc
53. Physics 1st Year (UG) GE ll4xfsx https://meet.google.com/rke-dtew-ssv
54. Physics 1st Year (UG) DSC z57i2iz https://meet.google.com/dbe-bmuw-jrz
55. Physics 2nd Year (UG) GE m3kqwu3 https://meet.google.com/dvi-edme-sbr
56. Physics 2nd Year (UG) DSC icju3gp https://meet.google.com/pbk-ifge-hmp
57. Physiology 1st Year (UG) GE mvwlpct https://meet.google.com/sai-erpa-hay
58. Physiology 1st Year (UG) DSC 5mta22i https://meet.google.com/pqe-emyt-fda
59. Physiology 2nd Year (UG) GE hdemql5 https://meet.google.com/vob-pheg-hng
60. Physiology 2nd Year (UG) DSC l4dnlg7 https://meet.google.com/xhc-penr-hfm
61. Political Science 1st Year (UG) GE fqfjhgr https://meet.google.com/cjr-xspm-cyd
62. Political Science 1st Year (UG) DSC 6j7dizb https://meet.google.com/wrp-jgjh-ezb
63. Political Science 2nd Year (UG) GE 4fatmdw https://meet.google.com/uiy-jdgi-bxf
64. Political Science 2nd Year (UG) DSC vgvygut https://meet.google.com/jaj-riki-tsc
65. Physical Education 1st Year (UG) GE x4b3ln6 https://meet.google.com/mvq-eynh-gqs
66. Physical Education 1st Year (UG) DSC tld3aum https://meet.google.com/ykg-ikaz-atd
67. Physical Education 2nd Year (UG) GE d7asdut https://meet.google.com/ybq-nvxs-jgp
68. Physical Education 2nd Year (UG) DSC zav252v https://meet.google.com/drr-fbjs-rdf
69. Santali 1st Year (UG) GE wwr6hz3 https://meet.google.com/yuh-qevx-vgm
70. Santali 1st Year (UG) DSC 2iv2khk https://meet.google.com/dea-hxbc-qrp
71. Santali 2nd Year (UG) GE 346xc53 https://meet.google.com/hbe-hppk-bnw
72. Santali 2nd Year (UG) DSC 6vebcpb https://meet.google.com/xgq-dxsm-zzz
73. Sanskrit 1st Year (UG) GE jgeojob https://meet.google.com/nro-gcei-kay
74. Sanskrit 1st Year (UG) DSC 6vf7bjk https://meet.google.com/cmn-puzv-nap
75. Sanskrit 2nd Year (UG) GE j5e5q65 https://meet.google.com/bwy-vqxd-hkv
76. Sanskrit 2nd Year (UG) DSC ryt5ahl https://meet.google.com/ear-hfrp-kkc
77. Zoology 1st Year (UG) GE m5t4djs https://meet.google.com/fwk-pxoo-xqp
78. Zoology 1st Year (UG) DSC 6irfdes https://meet.google.com/qdk-mune-kdq
79. Zoology 2nd Year (UG) GE f2gnvwc https://meet.google.com/vpt-ohry-fea
80. Zoology 2nd Year (UG) DSC x4q7msi https://meet.google.com/smr-anus-oqk
* Please  read as : (UG) = Under Graduate; GE = Subject as General Course, and DSC = Subject as Pure Pass Course