This section is exclusively created for the employee of Mahavidyalaya. Here various official downloadable forms are available for easy access when they are out of the station in unavoidable circumstances but have to inform the authority through online mode having no other alternatives. For such cases, all the signed applications (soft copies) must be sent to [email protected]. Please send its hard copy to the office as soon as possible after the online application. On offline application, its hard copy is also available in the office on demand.


  1. Proforma of HRA Declaration
  2. Application Form of Leaves (CL)
  3. Application Form of Leaves (EL)
  4. Application Form of Leaves (ML)
  5. Application Form of Child Care Leaves (CCL)
  6. Maternity Leave
  7. Application for Leave Not Due (LND)
  8. Departmental Leave Notice (Teacher)

Please see your Leave account (will be updated soon)



  1. Yearly Self-Appraisal Report: DOWNLOAD PDF 
  2. Class Allotted and taken Monthly report. DOWNLOAD PDF
  3. Proforma from Controller of Examination of CoE, SSKM:
  4. Proforma based on the list of ppt /Computer-aided methods (CAM) used in classroom teaching: DOWNLOAD PDF
  5. Proforma based on the list of topics taught through ICT-Multimedia/Simulation etc.: DOWNLOAD PDF
  6. Proforma regarding Teaching Soft Skills / Communication/Personality Development (if any): DOWNLOAD PDF
  7. Proforma regarding Invigilation duty performed: DOWNLOAD PDF
  8. Proforma regarding Paper Setting performed: DOWNLOAD PDF
  9. Proforma regarding Paper Moderation: DOWNLOAD PDF
  10. Proforma regarding Evaluation Answer scripts: DOWNLOAD PDF
  11. Proforma regarding Internal Assessment performed: DOWNLOAD PDF
  12. Proforma regarding Extension, Co-curricular and Field-based activities:
    1. Field Study / Educational Tour: DOWNLOAD PDF
    3. Students sports/Staff sports: DOWNLOAD PDF
    4. campus publication: DOWNLOAD PDF
    5. Certificate regarding Community Work e.g. Environment, Human Rights, Scientific Temper, Peace/relief etc. DOWNLOAD PDF
  13. Proforma regarding Contribution to corporate life and Management of the Institution:
    1. Governance responsibility (PG/IQAC/NAAC Coordinator/ Bursar/ Warden etc.: DOWNLOAD PDF
    2. Academic /Administrative Committees like Admission/Campus Development/ Library Committee: DOWNLOAD PDF
    3. Student’s Welfare/Placement /Counselling etc: DOWNLOAD PDF
    4. Conference organization / Chair secretary/treasurer in international/national/member: DOWNLOAD PDF
  14. Proforma relating to the Professional Development Activities:
    1. Members of professional Committees of i) National or ii) States: DOWNLOAD PDF
    2. Participation in Conference /Seminars without paper: DOWNLOAD PDF
    3. Short-term course/Training less than a week: DOWNLOAD PDF
    4. Membership/participation in State / Central Bodies / Committees: DOWNLOAD PDF
    5. Newspaper/magazine / Radio-TV Programme: DOWNLOAD PDF
  15. Proforma s of any based on the claimed API Score under the CAS benefit scheme.: DOWNLOAD PDF
  16. Proforma of any special duties / administrative duties allotted to the incumbents must be submitted for the API score: DOWNLOAD PDF
  17. CHECKLIST OF Certificates or Documents to be accompanied by the Claimed API Score during CAS: DOWNLOAD PDF