Departmental Activities

  1. Mention all other than regular teaching & learning as per time table:

Project works by all  the students of PG Sem IV, UG 3rd year  (Hons & General), UG Sem VI (Hons).

  1. Extra-curricular activities of the departments: Nil
  2. Observation day celebration: Teachers’ day Celebration, Fresher’s Welcome                                           Ceremony 
  1. Special occasion: No
  2. Departmental Meeting, it’s aims and Objectives, Schedules, Feedback and action taken :

Regularly held departmental meeting to discuss the different issues of related to academic purpose.

  1. Mentor-Mentee, nurture and its Feedback :

Mentoring System’ is a new process that has been established in our department. During their course of journey students often need mentoring, guidance and counselling. Direct academic issues e.g. selection of electives can be easily communicated to the student. Each Faculty will be the mentor of a group students.

Mentors have to perform some responsibilities.

  1. The mentors guide and motivate the students in all academic matters.
  2. The mentors communicate with the parents/guardians if situation demands e.g. for academic irregularities, negative behavioral changes and detrimental activities.

The students will be greatly benefited by continuous expert guidance.

  1. Others