Seminar & Workshop

  1. Departmental Seminar: 02
Sl. No. Title Date Fund & Source Remarks
 1. International seminar on  Natural Disaster and its Management”  9th   February, 2018  Sabang SK Mahavidyalaya  Collaboration with department of Geography


 2. National seminar on  Climate Change and Biodiversity Management”  9th March, 2018  West Bengal Biodiversity Board  Collaboration with Dept of Zoology
  1. Faculty Lectures : No
  2. Invited Lectures: No
  3. Innovative Programme of the Department: Nil
  4. Mentor-Mentee and its output/feedback:
  5. Occasional extension programme / Community outreach programme
  6. Others:  Seminar Lecture programme by the PG students in the presence of Faculty of Dept of Physics of Vidyasagar University on July, 2019.