Library & E-Resources

  • Seminar Library: A departmental library is running individually rather than central library. It is enriched with good collection of text books and reference books as ready recon. The students as well as teachers of this department can avail this library facility. Students can have easy access of the books for reading and also facility of lending of books offered to them.
  • Questions of previous year: The departmental library also preserves the final questions previous years. The students of both UG and PG sections are benefited and uses as question banks.
  • Research papers: The library is also enriched with few selective research papers of different reputed journal.
  • Synopsis: Synopsis of the project works are also preserved and available for the Pg students before stating the new projects.
  • e-books: Good number of e books are available from departmental computer
  • e- Class notes: Soft copies of Modules, Class Notes, PPT files, etc. are also available.
  • Software:Chemistry related different software are also available in the Departmental library.