About the department

Department of Zoology began its glorious journey way back in1989 with general degree course under Vidyasagar University. It has been offering the honours degree course also from the 2001-02 academic session.  The department with its dedicated staff and student-friendly laboratory aims at training the students to become competent new age individuals. Academic excellence of the Department is evident from the outstanding performance of the students in the University- and competitive-examinations.

1. Aims & Objectives of the department

  • To impart quality education in Zoology as a subject of basic science.
  • To provide strong foundation in the concepts of animal structure, function and behaviour.
  • To acquire basic knowledge in the observation and study of nature, biodiversity, biological methods, experimental skills and scientific investigation.
  • To get the students imbibed with the spirit of further studies as well as quality research.
  • To inculcate the value-based education and entrepreneurial skills among the students.
  • To conduct field studies and different projects of local and global interests.
  • To provide opportunities for professional and personal development through curricular and co- curricular activities.

 2. Goal of the Department:

To produce competent science graduates through teaching learning activities and to provide the students with quality hands on practical experiments both in departmental laboratory as well as in field activities. This will help them to understand and serve their community in better ways. The goal of the department is to impart state-of-art technical expertise to our students through dynamic upgradation of our practical facilities. The ultimate goal of the department is to produce enlightened, responsible citizens of our country.

3. Scope of further studies and interdisciplinary perspectives and opportunities for career development

 Zoology is one of the most popular branches in Science that offers limitless career opportunities. After completion of B.Sc. degree students may pursue M.Sc. in Zoology and can opt for Ph.D. in Zoology after completing their post-graduation.

 Some of the employment areas which provide huge openings for the candidates are:

  • Teaching and Research,
  • In medical laboratories,
  • wildlife rehabilitation centres, 
  • agricultural departments,
  • museum services,
  • conservation agencies,
  • environment or ecosystem management sectors,
  • environmental consulting firms,
  • Forensics,
  • Administrative Services,
  • Research Project assistants and in higher specialized studies,
  • Biomedical scientists,
  • Toxicologists,
  • In biotechnological, pharmaceutical fields,
  • Self Employed (Establishing animal based small industries) and so on.

 In addition, there are numerous opportunities in the field of research in India and abroad.

4. Departmental excellency:

 Students of Zoology department are provided and exposed to all sort of facilities including:

  • Departmental Library
  • Teaching Aids 
  • Well-furnished class rooms.
  • Museum:  zoological specimens are well preserved for identification and study.
  • Well-equipped Laboratories

5. Importance of the subject in the field of entire education system

 Zoology is the branch of Biology which covers areas ranging from the structure of organisms to the subcellular unit of life. Some zoologists are interested in the biology of particular groups of animals. Others are concerned with the structure and function of animal bodies. Still others study how new animals are formed and how their characteristics are passed on from one generation to another. Zoologists study the interactions of animals with one another and their environments, as well as the significance of the behaviour of animals. Zoology can be approached either as a basic science or as an applied science. Study of Zoology involves study of animal life from every point of view – including (but not limited to) Microbiology, Genetics, Evolution, Conservation, Biodiversity, Behaviour, Physiology, Ecosystems, and Husbandry.

6. Our role

To facilitate our students to achieve excellence in studies in the field of Zoology. We also set performance goal to our students and encourage and support every student in their study. We also provide honest guidance towards career development of the students.