Manual process continued till November of the 2018 for the collection of Feedback responses from the students,  Parents and Teachers. Collated data were analyzed and presented in the graphical mode for easy understanding the facts and reason. After due analysis and critical discussion at he departmental level, its report were placed before the meeting of the IQAC and policy were formulated to betterment of the situation based on needs.

1. Students’ Satisfaction Survey: Not yet initiated

2. Students’ Satisfaction Survey:  Department level Feedback Report : Not yet initiated

3. Feedback Report : Student Feedback on Subject

    1. Department of Bengali
    2. Department of Botany
    3. Department of Chemistry
    4. Department of Commerce
    5. Department of Computer Sc.
    6. Department of Economics
    7. Department of Education
    8. Department of English
    9. Department of Geography
    10. Department of History
    11. Department of Library & Information Sc.
    12. Department of Mathematics
    13. Department of Philosophy
    14. Department of Physical Education
    15. Department of Physics
    16. Department of Physiology
    17. Department of Political Sc.
    18. Department of Sanskrit
    19. Department of Santali
    20. Department of Zoology


4. Feedback Report : Student Feedback on Teacher: Not yet initiated

5. Student Feedback Report on Management: 

6. Student Feedback Report on Support System: Not yet initiated

7. Student Feedback Report on Camps Facilities: Not yet initiated

8. Parents’ Feedback Report on Management: 

9. The Teachers’ Feedback Report: