Programme Outcome

Students of both undergraduate and postgraduate degree Programmes will be able to –

  1. Critical Thinking: Take action after identifying the assumption that formulate own thinking and these are accurate and valid. Looking at own ideas and decisions in intellectual, organizational and personal level from different perspectives in society.
  2. Effective Communication: Speaking, reading, writing and listening abilities are clearly grown in person and social level in both English and Bengali language, and also make meaning of the world by connecting other people, various ideas, many books & medias and technology.
  3. Social Interaction: By communication in the society students obey the views of others, mediate disagreements and help to reach a logical conclusion in group settings of the society.
  4. Effective Citizenship:  To promote the students towards social concern and equity oriented national development and national integration. This type of ability acts with an awareness of issues in life and participate in civic life through voluntary activities.
  5. Ethics: Identify and recognize the different values including himself and also understand the moral dimensions of own thinking, decisions, and accept responsibility for own as well as society.
  6. Environment and Sustainability: Understand the environmental issues of current world and also act accordingly for sustainable development.
  7. Self-directed and Life-long Learning: Grow the ability to engage in self dependent and life-long learning activities in the broad context of socio-economic and technological changes of new era.