The department takes initiatives for overall development of students and tries to give them quality education to face this competitive world. We encourage pupils to participate in the seminar, different cultural programmes and career counselling workshop. We keep trying to enhance their skill and courage habituating them with the practice of paper presentation. Department of English always aspire to take students a step further. By the side of syllabus oriented classroom teaching, we seek to organise departmental quiz and short section based quiz with the sole purpose to revitalize the students and make them embrace literary activities. In this line, we publish departmental magazine to provide the students a scope to actualize their inner creativity. Not only that we always welcome any kind of artistic endeavour among the students. Teaching learning is also about remembering glorious past and pay due homage to the immortal souls. We, in our department, enthusiastically celebrate Teacher’s day, Independence Day, Republic Day, World Environment Day, Freshers’ Welcome and such others. One of the most devoted tasks that our department effortlessly follow is Departmental Meeting on a regular basis on various issues regarding student welfare and development. Besides, in this kind of meeting, we have a constructive observation of our own teaching process and its impact on students and try to improve ourselves with diverse opinion in the very process of student upliftment. Another invaluable addition in the very process of student welfare is Mentor-Mentee group, where our teachers solve different sort of problems that the students are facing regarding their career, life and literary understanding and try to enlighten them with our guidance, support and help to the highest point. In this very group, teachers welcome suggestions from students if they have any.