Departmental Activities

  1. Educational Tour & Field Survey: Department organizes an educational tour cum field survey every year as a components of the syllabus of English honours course. Students make project paper on the basis of this survey. Faculty members help them to survey and project paper writing.
  2. Seminar: Department organizes seminar regularly. The activities of last three years are as bellow.
  • International seminar-01
  • State level Weminar-02
  • Students seminar-01
  • Special lecture – 01


  1. Publication. There are constant encouragement for the students to nurture their creativity and aesthetics feelings. Our Department’s wall magazine is one of them.
  • HORIZON– HORIZON is the wall magazine of our department. The students and teachers write on the wall magazine.


4.Mentor-Mentee: Mentor-Mentee system is already    introduced in the department. The mentor take care about the students. Department try to solve the problems . Mentor- Mentee Group in each semester is very important for the overall development of students .It bridges the gap between the faculties and students. Mentoring provides students emotional and instrumental support, guidance, encouragement and better environment in college. A Mentor plays a vital role in nurturing students and has a positive impact on  student’s persistence and academic achievement .It is conducted to help students to strengthen their varied capabilities and to build an intrapersonal relationship between the faculties and students.


  1. Parent-Teacher Meet: Parent-Teacher meeting is held semester wise and class wise. But the response from the guardians is very poor. We like to contact with the guardian personal level for the better progress of the students.
  • Reunion of Alumni. There is a committee of the alumni in the department. Some alumni are-
    • Samir Sinha , Ex – student of English Department, Sabang Sajanikanta Mahavidyalaya
    • Mamata Ansary, Assistant Professor ,Dept. of English, Sabang Sajanikanta Mahavidyalaya.( President)
    • Gourhari Mandal , Assistant professor, Sabang Sajanikanta mahavidyalaya ( Vice president)
    • Souvik Rana , assistant secretary.