Departmental Activities

Apart from the regular classes, the teachers arrange review classes to assess the understanding of the students on the core concept of concerned area of the subject. Special tutorial classes are given on the weaker area of the students. Assignments are also given and checked regularly. We have a system of formal class tests whose score is recorded in order to check the trend of the performance of the students. The department also arranges remedial classes for the slow learners. Students are encouraged to participate in various seminars organized by the college.

Co-Curricular Activities

For their development taken as a whole the students of this department are encouraged to take part in different co-curricular activities like interdepartmental and college level sports meets and cultural competitions. To enhance their surveillance and investigative power, students are motivated to take on rural surveys.

Departmental Meeting 

Departmental meeting is regularly held to discuss the different issues of related to academic issues of the department.

Observation Day Celebration

Teachers’ day celebration & fresher’s welcome

Special Activities: Visit to Problematic place

Articles by teachers & students on different contemporary topics in Geography are visited time to time.

Mentor-Mentee and its output/feedback: ‘Mentoring System’ is a new process that has been established in our department. During their course of journey students often need mentoring, guidance and counseling. Direct academic issues e.g. selection of electives can be easily communicated to the student. Each Faculty will be the mentor of a group of students.

Mentors have to perform some responsibilities:

  • The mentors guide and motivate the students in all academic matters.
  • The mentors communicate with the parents/guardians if situation demands e.g. for academic irregularities, negative behavioral changes and detrimental activities.

          Mentor                               Mentee

  • Mrs.Jhuma Das                    B.Sc.(Genaral) Student of Geography
  • Mr.Prasanta Kumar Das       Students of Second Year B.Sc Hons in Geography
  • Mr.Madan Santra                 Students of Third Year B.Sc Hons in Geography
  • Mr.Abhijit Pattanayek          Student of First Year B.Sc. Hons in Geography

SWOC Analysis of the Department


  1. Nice co-ordination among all the teaching staff of the department
  2. Moderate collection of e-resources
  3. Sophisticated collection of  reference books in the seminal library
  4. Arrangement of remedial classes on regular basis


  1. The students having very little/lack of knowledge on H.S pure Mathematics and English take admission in this department where sound knowledge of those two subjects are very much essential.
  2. Deficiency of teaching staff in relation to huge burden class to cope up with the needs of CBCS syllabus.
  3. Absence of academic support staff to the department.