About the Department

In today’s world of globalization, knowledge is the ultimate source of power. The ability of enhancement of renovating the information into knowledge by analyzing the emerging trends is the key factor for acquiring this power. The power of knowledge brings forth the development of an individual as well as the Geography as a whole. Geography is the study of how society manages its scarce sosaity. The knowledge of Geography creates the opportunity for the individual to appreciate the minutiae of this new whole universe where efficiency is the ultimatum. For a graduate students in geography, there exists ample job opportunities. The Graduate Department of Geography is a premier department in the Faculty of Science of Sabang Sajanikanta Mahavidyalaya. We, the teaching staff of this Department, are trying our level best to prepare the students of this department so that they can enjoy the benefit of studying Geography.

Mission and Vision of the Department

Since its inception in 2008 the department has been copious rural predisposition to its programmes of graduate teaching, especially for field survey / projects. Working on the objective of imparting quality knowledge in Geography to the students, the department has been able to make possible the cultivation of interest in higher studies and academic research.

The mission of this department are many-sided, like, to provide quality education in the paddock of Geography and mould the students to ensemble the national concern with social obligation, to bestow the students of Geographar to explore the local, national and global geographycal trends, and to educate them to engage in collective odd jobs as well as to come up to good future career.

The vision of this department belongs to exploring the geographycal swot up & investigation, policy framing & execution issues confronted by the Indian geography and rest of the world geography. This department flourishes to grasp the substance of peculiarity in teaching-learning, investigation & annexe. This department tries to keep up with the escalating demand for knowledgeable human capital in state-owned sector, non-government sector and other sectors as well as fostering academic researches in the field of geography.

Teaching Method

Teaching method includes classroom teaching, individual and group interactions with the teaching staff outside the class room, lecture exhibition and students’ seminar, project work, etc.

Method of Evaluation

The department follows the continuous system for evaluation of the students through internal examinations and University Examination.

Opportunities before Geography Discipline

Geography is a subject which has ample job opportunities in diversified fields, viz., EIA, Union & State Civil Services, Reserve Bank of India, Commercial Banks, NSSO, BASE, CSSO, Remotesenssing & G.I.S., Planning Commission, WEATHER STATION, Teaching job, and Private sector job,  

Challenges Ahead before Geography Discipline

It is too challenging to teach a dynamic subject- Geography. Another remarkable challenge for this department at present is to create demand for the subject locally among the potential students.

Future Plans of the Department

  1. Advanced use of sophisticated ICT technology in teaching & learning process.
  2. Making the teaching-learning course of action more interactive by organizing departmental seminar frequently.
  3. To initiate extension activities with a view to promote regional rural development in collaboration with local gram panchayat.