Departmental Activities

The objective of the Department is to help our students to acquire knowledge about the subject as per Vidyasagar University syllabus. To help them to become good citizen as well as help and guide them to earn a descent livelihood.

  • Apart from methodical classroom teaching, the Department arranges for educational visits and tours, so that pupils can get better scope to be acquainted with our larger society.
  • From the formation years, the Department has actively taken part in Youth Parliament Competition, has provided necessary training, arranged for long workshops to equip them with the skills required for participating in these competitions. And to the much joy of the Department, success came successively.
  • Along with this the Department from the year 2013, has published a wall magazine annually, prepared by the students with their active participation. This has also helped to develop in themselves the skill of content writing and writing articles related to their field.
  • From time to time the Department has organised for various social and public health related awareness programmes. For example, “Door to Door Dengue Awareness Campaign”.
  • Along with these the Department prepare its future plan through the regular holding of departmental meetings, where discussions include teaching-learning, distribution and completion of syllabus, holding of internal exams, preparation for tutorials, remedial teaching, providing question-answer to the students and about evaluation.


  • Mentor-Mentee and its output/feedback: ‘Mentoring System’ is a new process that has been established in our department. During their course of journey students often need mentoring, guidance and counseling. Direct academic issues e.g. selection of electives can be easily communicated to the student. Each Faculty member will be the mentor of a group of students.

Mentors have to perform some responsibilities

  1. The mentors guide and motivate the students in all academic matters.
  2. The mentors communicate with the parents/guardians if situation demands e.g. for academic irregularities, negative behavioral changes and detrimental activities.

Mentor                        Mentee

Smt. Sunita Mitra Sarkar,     Students of First Year B.A. Hons and

Sri Tarapada Maity              Students of First Year B.A. General


Sri Shyamal Biswas,             Students of Second Year B.A. Hons

Sri Kashinath Bose,              Students of Second Year B.A. General


Sri Shyamal Biswas,             Students of Third Year B.A. Hons

Sri Biswajit Dhara                Students of Third Year B. A. General