The department of physiology had got two rooms for laboratory. The total area occupied is about 1000 sq. ft. One room is used for Biochemical experiments and another is specified for Histology, Experimental and Human experiments. About 150 sq. ft. area from one room is separated for office purpose. We have sufficient almirah and steel racks to keep the objects safely. Tables for experiments and official work are arranged properly. In spite of some deficiency, our working place is well-equipped and well arranged.

           We have a small departmental library with text books & Journals. It is enriched by the books and journals from MRP fund. It needs more books in Bengali to meet the students demand.

In Summary:
  1. ICT based class room (if any): nil
  2. LCD enabled class room (if any): nil
  3. Internet/ WiFi accessibility: yes
  4. Dedicated class rooms: nil
  5. Students support system in the department (if any): Library, Soft Copy of Study Material, Career Councelling, Classes for backward Students etc.
  6. Laboratory (for lab based subject): 2
  7. Others: nil