The term physiology originated from a Greek root Physiologikos meaning discourse on natural knowledge. It was introduced by the French physician Jean Fernel in 1552. Physiology deals with the normal functioning of the body.

There are so many divisions in this branch of science and those are only to approach and understand the same problem from different standpoints. In spite of such endeavour, there are still many aspects of physiology which we fail to understand. It indicates more probably that our investigations are not adequate enough and that our methods of study are not perfect. In a nutshell, the whole purpose of physiology is to explore the normal functioning of the living organisms– their principles, mechanism and control.


It was a period of 20 years which is taken to start the department of Physiology in this college. The journey was started in the year 1991-1992 as a general course. Starting from a very small structure (body), it has been enriched day to day. Now it has its own well–equipped laboratories, departmental library and one computer with internet facility. Ten years ago the department has got the full time teacher. Before that so many qualified persons had served and developed it time to time. We pay our sincere gratitude to their honest effort.



The expenditure of the department is treasured by the college authority. Usually, instruments are purchased by the financial assistance of UGC, Govt. Of India, whatever and whenever it is found.



There is an institutional committee chaired by the Principal which reviews the academic matters including the admission process to well-being of actual or potential students. Except this, there is laboratory sub-committee specifically concerned with the laboratory related issues. Taking suggestions and assistance from those committees the teaching and non-teaching staffs usually conduct the departmental activities.