1. Departmental Seminar: Nil
  2. Invited Lectures / Acted as Resource Person: Nil
  3. Innovative Programs of the department : Nil
  4. Mentor-Mentee and its output / Feedback: ‘Mentoring System’ is a new process that has been introduced in all the departments in all the colleges. Students need mentoring, guidance and counseling. Teachers guide students in direct academic issues like selection of electives. Teachers advise students when they require suggestions how to cope up with their lessons and to prepare for examinations. Each Faculty is a mentor of a group of students.

          Mentors have to perform some responsibilities

          The mentors guide and motivate the students in all academic matters.

          The mentors communicate with the parents/guardians if situation demands e.g. for academic irregularities,              negative behavioral changes and detrimental activities.

         Mentor                                             Mentee

         Dr. Naba Kumar Adak:                      Students of First Year B. A. Hons and General

         Sri. Himansu Kumar Mandal:             Students of Second Year B. A. Hons and General

         Dr. Sekhar Mahapatra:                       Students of Third Year B. A. Hons

         Smt. Keya Choudhury:                      Students of Third Year B. A. General


  1. Community outreach program:

       Students are encouraged to enroll their names in NSS and NCC cells of the Mahavidyalaya and to participate           in the various extension activities organized by the college. NSS student volunteers use to go nearby villages           and interact with the people in various ways like different types of awareness programs. NCC student                       volunteers participate in different training camps organized by the military department. Students participate            in inter-college and inter-university sports, quizzes, parades, and cultural programs.