About the Department

Sabang Sajanikanta Mahavidyalaya started its functioning in the year 1970. The Department of Mathematics is one of the oldest departments of this college which started its journey from the beginning, but at that time only Higher Secondary (10+2) syllabus was taught. The department introduced at first the general course in Mathematics from the session 1981-1982 for the students and after a long journey the department introduced the Honours course from the session 2003-2004. Now the number of seats for the honours course has been increased to forty. The department carries out different types of academic activities. At present, the department has four faculty members(two full time teachers and two guest teachers ).The academic condition in terms of quality of faculty and learning transfer process is healthy and adequate. All the teachers of the department are sincerely engaged in scholarly pursuits. The department arranges extra classes for the benefit of the slow learner. The department conducts Internal Assessments ( two assessments per semester for Honours students and one assessments per semester for General students) to prepare the students for university examinations. There is a healthy relationship between the teachers and the students. The success rate of the students in the University exam is high. In the final University exam 100% students passed in the academic session 2018-2019. Two or three students in almost every semester get 8.0 grade and above marks in the final exam. The students of our department also participate in NSS programmes, NCC and other activities of the College. The Department of Mathematics has been providing the students cultural and social heritage of Indian civilization to humanize and enrich the modern notion of progress and to enable it to promote the students to become good citizen.

Mission and Vision of the Department

(Since its inception in 1970 the department has been copious rural predisposition to its programmes of only Higher secondary(10+2) syllabus teaching. The department introduced at first the general course in Mathematics from the session 1981-1982 for the students and after a long journey the department introduced the Honours course from the session 2003-2004. Working on the objective of imparting quality knowledge in Mathematics to the students, the department has been able to make possible the cultivation of interest in higher studies and academic research.

The Mission of this department are

  • Produce graduates that are in worldwide demand
  • To make students aware of technology to explore mathematical concepts through activities and experimentation.
  • To inculcate in students the ability to apply mathematical and computational skills to model, formulate and solve real life application.
  • To make the students capable of discharging professional, social and economic responsibilities ethically.
  • Undertake educational outreach and community engagement that increases mathematical and computing literacy nationally and globally.

The Vision of this department are

  • The Department of Mathematics has always strived to be among the best Mathematics Department under Vidyasagar University.
  • To achieve high standards of excellence in generating and propagating knowledge in Mathematics. Department is committed to providing an education that combines rigorous academics with joy of discovery.
  • To provide an environment where students can learn, become competent users of Mathematics and understand the use of Mathematics in other disciplines.

Teaching Method

Teaching method includes classroom teaching, individual and group interactions with the teaching staff outside the class room, lecture exhibition and students’ seminar, practical etc.

Method of Evaluation

The department follows the continuous system for evaluation of the students through internal examinations and University Examination.

  Strength :

  • Faculties are well educated and always cooperate with every student.
  • Computer Lab with internet facility.
  • 24-hours Internet and Smart Room.
  • Tutorial with free of cost.

Weakness :

  • Limitation of Teaching full time Staff
  • No non-Teaching full time Staff
  • Limitation of Books
  • Limitation of Rooms


Mathematics is a subject which has progress for higher education and also employment opportunities in Teaching job, Private sector job, like job in Private Banks and private company etc.


It is too challenging to teach a dynamic subject-Mathematics. Another remarkable challenge for this department at present is to create demand for the subject locally among the potential students. Most of the students come from rural background and from low economic status. High concentration of students in Mathematics is another challenge before the department.

Future Plans of the Department

  1. Advanced use of sophisticated ICT technology in teaching & learning process.
  2. Making the teaching-learning course of action more interactive by organizing departmental seminar frequently.
  3. To encourage the students the department plans to reward the students who get 8.0 grade and above marks in their final University Exam.
  4. Department wants to organize students’ Reunion in every two or three years.
  5. The department plans to upgrade the existing departmental library.
  6. The department also plans to organize a National Seminar.
  7. Considering needs of the present generation we have to adopt technologies to reach in the newer height so that our students can cope-up with other students of various institutions under Vidyasagar University and abroad.